SUBS Subscription Economy Report (July 1-July 22)

Industry updates from the Fount Subscription Economy ETF (SUBS). 
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Microsoft and Netflix Team Up
After first announcing plans to launch a cheaper, ad-supported subscription plan to Netflix in April, Microsoft has been named Netflix’s global advertising and sales partner. This means that all ads streamed through Netflix will be exclusively available through Microsoft’s platform. Netflix stated that their long-term goal is give more choices to consumers and a premium, better-than-linear TV brand experience for advertisers. [1]





Xfinity Stream App 
Comcast announced the launch of the Xfinity Stream app on Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD, giving Xfinity TV customers another way to access their subscriptions. The redesigned app offers editorial recommendations that makes it easier to find new content to watch. There is also a new personalization algorithm that allows customers to continue watching their shows or movies across any platform or device. [2]





New Google Meet Features
Features which were previously only available on Google Workspace are now being offered to Google One subscribers. The new Google One features include: 

- the ability to have group calls lasting up to 24 hours (up from a previous limit of one hour)
- access to Google Meet’s background noise filtering feature
- support for recorded video calls

The features will be available to subscribers in US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, and Australia who pay for 2TB of storage or more. [3]






More Subscription Features for Instagram 
Instagram announced an expansion of test features for their creator subscription services. The initial features included subscriber-only stories, subscriber badges, and subscriber-only livestreams. The new updates to Instagram subscriptions are:

- subscriber group chats (that can include up to 30 people)
- subscriber-only reels and posts
- ‘subscriber-only’ tabs on a creators’ profiles

Meta does not take a percentage of creator earnings and hopes Instagram subscriptions can be a way for creators to establish a sustainable and predictable income. [4]





Snapchat for Web 
Snapchat+ subscribers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand will be able to access Snapchat for Web. With Snapchat for Web, users can send messages and snaps, video chat, and make regular calls from their desktops. Snap plans to bring its Lenses feature to video calls in the future. Just like the mobile app, messages sent on Snapchat for Web will be deleted after 24 hours, and users will not be able to take screenshots. [5]






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The Fount Subscription Economy ETF (SUBS)

The Fount Subscription Economy ETF (SUBS) seeks to provide investment results that, before fees and expenses, generally correspond to the total return performance of the Fount Subscription Economy Index. The Index was designed to measure the performance of companies engaged in the business of providing subscription services, i.e., companies that sell products or services for recurring subscription revenue.

SUBS may invest in companies that offer subscription-based pricing models, including those in the technology hardware industry.

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